Uncovering Hidden Histories


Brand + UXD + Product + Design

Aleph1 was commissioned to design a product for a startup that possesses a vast amount of (geo)tagged data relating to contemporary history — music, art, film, architecture.

We conceptualized a navigation application for people who are more interested in the journey than the destination. The name we suggested was temporary (but their lawyers are seeing if they can stick with it), and is simply an acronym: nav+ — nodes, audio, visual, and more. Visually the brand is heavily influenced by the aesthetics of various musical movements, punk, post-punk, new wave, electro, disco, rock & roll.




Laura Wilkinson, policy researcher


Planning an afternoon in New York
1. Laura is thinking about her upcoming trip to New York.
2. Laura accesses the NAV+ site on her laptop and creates an account.
3. Laura creates an account and receives a text to validate her account, she downloads the mobile app at the same time.
4. Laura searches the site for New York and receives a number of routes.
5. She filters the results by duration and features, like art, bike, brooklyn, coffee, etc..
6. Laura saves multiple routes and can review them later from any device she is logged into.
NAV+ landing screen concepts