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Brand + UXD + Product + Design

Presented with a basic overview for a sound licensing service Aleph1 conducted market research and competitive analysis, followed by a full branding exercise and product design.

The outcome, Vibrancies (the plural form of vibrancy), an audio licensing service for sound designers who work in motion media — film, television, game development, and advertising. Unlike other audio-centric services Vibrancies focuses solely on non-music audio and uses a consistent and straightforward license to make buying and selling simple.

Film & Television


Global Revenue — Tickets & Streaming


Increase in Releases to US Theatres
2000 – 2018

  • Definitions of film and television are blurring with a growing amount of content produced for new channels (i.e. YouTube, Netflix)
  • The US market is dwarfed by international markets that are consuming and producing an increasing amount of motion based content

Video Games


Global Industry Revenue


Increase in Revenue
2009 – 2019

  • Independent game development is growing due to new and free, or afforable, technologies (Unity, Blender) and new audiences
  • AAA titles have richer sound design with recent titles (i.e. God of War, PS4) approaching filmic soundtrack quality



Global Advertising Spending


Increase in Global Spending
2009 – 2019

  • Digial advertising spending is expected to almost double by 2023
  • Rich advertising is becoming more common on platforms like Instagram, with an increased use of sound

Let There Be Light/Dark

Sound designers work at different times of day, and in environments that range from bright to dim, a light/dark toggle helps to reduce eye strain and makes it easier to focus on producing great work.

Note: we designed this before the introduction of Dark Mode.